Heart Makeup Blender - 20pk

Heart Makeup Blender - 20pk

  • $49.95

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Blend with Love using these super soft hand-crafted mini makeup blenders. The blenders are latex-free and reusable. 

The heart shaped design is an Australian first and allows you to blend right into the corner of the eye, while the softness ensures they are not harsh on your skin.

Use one side of the heart to blend out your concealer, and the other side for your contour. The flat side of the heart can be used to blend out your foundation. 

Tip: For best results use this product damp, simply wet and gently squeeze out any excess water.  


Gently rub against a bar of soap or into a squeeze of liquid soap, rinse under warm water and repeat until clean. Once clean squeeze out any excess water and lightly spray with anti-bacterial spray or an alcohol spray. Leave to dry on a paper towel to absorb any extra moisture.

Tip: For a more stubborn stain soak in warm soapy water for 5 mins beforehand!

Available in 5 packs or 20 packs.